RAT draft genome annotations fgenesh++

Victor Solovyev victor at softberry.com
Fri Jan 10 20:47:05 EST 2003

==== RAT draft genome annotations fgenesh++

We're pleased to announce the release of fgenesh++
gene annotation on
the Nov. 2002 rat assembly produced by the Baylor
 College of Medicine
  Rat Genome Sequencing Center and the Rat Genome
 Sequencing Consortium.
 You can see/get gene annoation at UCSC Genome
 Browser on Rat Nov. 2002 Freeze
 or alternatively in GenomeExplorer: 
 Fgenesh++  annotated:
  43008 genes includes 28955 genes supported by NR
 proteins, among them 3763
 genes correponding RAT refseq mRNA
 ID and Name of similar protein added after ## in
 name line of fasta files 
 Refseq corresponding proteins additionally marked
 Fgenesh++ predictions are based on complex fully
 automatic script that mapped
 known Refseq RNA, predict genes and refine predicted
 genes that have protein 
 support from other organisms.
 Solovyev V.V. (2001) Statistical approaches in
 Eukaryotic gene prediction.
  In Handbook of Statistical genetics (eds. Balding
 D. et al.),
  John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., p. 83-127.)



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