2nd CFP: Workshop on Learning Graphical

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Sat Jan 11 19:23:00 EST 2003

Second CFP: IJCAI-2003 Workshop -- Learning
Graphical Models for
Computational Genomics
Saturday, 9 August 2003
Acapulco, Mexico


Recent advances in experimental tools for
 computational genomics have
 led to sharp growth in data resources for
 bioinformatics problems
 such as modeling of gene expression and gene-protein
 This provides an interesting application domain for
 systems that learn graphical models from data for
 causal modeling,
 time series simulation and prediction, and
 classification and
 regression problems in computational life sciences.
 In response, we propose a workshop to bring together
 researchers in
 intelligent systems who are interested in:
 * probabilistic reasoning and learning with the
 primary focus of:
 - learning the structure of graphical models from
 - new graphical models such as types of dynamic
 Bayesian networks,
 stochastic and other approximation algorithms for
 - structure learning;
 * constraint-based knowledge representation;
 * parameter estimation on graphical models and
 dynamical systems.
 Active research topics that are relevant to learning
 models for computational genomics include:
 * functional genomics, which includes:
 - modeling of gene regulatory dynamics,
 - data mining from DNA hybridization microarrays,
 - other gene modeling tools such as northern blots;
 * building simulation models for metabolomics on:
 - biochemical pathways,
 - environmental stress-response,
 - cellular process regulation;
 * proteomics, such as:
 - secondary and tertiary fold prediction
 - gene-protein interaction;
 * other contemporary bioinformatics problems, such
 - intelligent systems for pharmacology,
 - plant science and crop simulation,
 - decision support systems for human and veterinary
 - phylogenetic modeling.
 The one day workshop will include one or more
 invited talks and
 specialized tutorials on state-of-the-art research
 problems and
 methodologies, presentations by selected
 participants, and a panel
 and open discussion on key topics.
 This workshop is intended for researchers and
 practitioners in the
 area of bioinformatics and uncertain reasoning using
 graphical models
 for computational genomics.
 Researchers with an interest in machine learning,
 informatics, microbiology, biophysics, and knowledge
 discovery in
 databases (KDD) will also find this workshop of
 ---Paper Submissions
 Participants are encouraged to submit papers (up to
 8 pages in
 length) on recent and continuing research, formatted
 according to
 IJCAI guidelines. Experimental results are also
 especially on fielded applications, even if they are
 preliminary. Papers should be submitted
 electronically in Postscipt,
 PDF, MS Word format via e-mail.
 To encourage participation but focus discussions on
 key topics, we
 also invite 2-page research synopses and position
 papers from
 attendants who do not submit full papers.
 Each submission shall be accompanied by a short
 statement, up to 500
 words or one page in length from each participants.
 This should
 describe your interest in and perspectives on this
 workshop topic.
 DUAL SUBMISSION POLICY: Submission of short (2-page
 OR 6-8 page)
 synopses of articles currently in preparation, under
 review, or
 accepted for publication as journals or book
 chapters is permitted.
 Submission of full-length papers currently under
 review for other
 conferences and workshops is also permitted.
 However, these papers
 shall be published in the working notes for this
 workshop if and
 only if they are compliant with the dual-submission
 guidelines of
 the other conference or workshop.
 Please consult the workshop web page for formatting
 All submissions should be sent to:
 (Please replace "(AT)" with the appropriate symbol.)
 ---Important Dates
 Mar 01, 2003 Submission deadline
 Mar 21, 2003 Acceptance notification
 May 16, 2003 Camera-ready version of papers
 ---Organizing Chairs
 William H. Hsu (primary contact)
 Department of Computing and Information Sciences
 Kansas State University
 234 Nichols Hall
 Manhattan, KS 66506-2302
 t: (785) 532-6350 ext. 29
 f: (785) 539-7180
 e: bhsu-AT-cis.ksu.edu
 w: http://www.cis.ksu.edu/~bhsu
 Roby Joehanes (primary contact)
 Department of Computing and Information Sciences
 Kansas State University
 234 Nichols Hall
 Manhattan, KS 66506-2302
 t: (785) 532-6350 ext. 55
 f: (785) 537-9927
 e: robbyjo-AT-cis.ksu.edu
 w: http://www.cis.ksu.edu/~robbyjo
 C. David Page, Jr.
 Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
 (Medical School)
 and Department of Computer Sciences
 University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Medical Science Center, Room 6743
 1300 University Avenue
 Madison, WI 53706
 t: (608) 265-6168
 f: (608) 263-0415
 e: page-AT-biostat.wisc.edu
 w: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~dpage
 ---Program Committee
 - Mark Craven, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 - Dan Geiger, Technion, Israel
 - David Gilbert, University of Glasgow
 - Haipeng Guo, Kansas State University
 - Lei Liu, University of Illinois at
 - Irene Ong, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 - Jude Shavlik, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 - Stephen M Welch, Kansas State University
 ---Additional information
 Please consult the following web page:

 for more information.



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