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Call for Papers

IEEE ITCC 2004: IEEE International Conference on
Technology: Coding and Computing

Special Track on:
 The Orleans, Las Vegas, NV, April 5 -7, 2004
 Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society
 Submission deadline: November 21, 2003.
 Track Homepage:
 Context and Objectives:
 Biology and Biomedicine have become increasingly
 data-driven sciences. The
 researchers in this area are producing vast
 quantities of data daily from
 sources such as clinical trials, statistics,
 population genetics, imaging,
 gene sequencing, gene expression analysis, and
 protein identification
 projects. These data enable the creation of enormous
 digital libraries. This
 data is unique in the sense that it combines
 enormity with fine granularity.
 The rate of accumulation of this data has far
 exceeded our capacity to
 analyze it and discover novel and significant
 knowledge embedded in it using
 non-automated means. This has led to the evolution
 of a new-fangled area of
 multi-disciplinary research, termed Bioinformatics,
 defined as the science
 of storing, extracting, organizing, analyzing,
 interpreting and utilizing
 information from biological sequences and molecules.
 Biomedical Informatics
 deals with algorithms and routines that have general
 applicability and that
 form the basis for the evolving information
 technology research in
 biomedical sciences and related disciplines.  This
 track focuses on the
 techniques and methodologies which give rise to
 design and development of
 information technology routines for applications in
 Bioinformatics and/or
 Biomedical Informatics.
 The topics of interest include, but are not limited
 to the following:
 - Algorithms for Microarray Analysis
 - Computational Protein Structure prediction and
 - Data Mining for Bioinformatics applications
 - Functional Genomics
 - High Performance Computing
 - Machine learning
 - Pathways, Networks, Systems Biology
 - Pattern Recognition and Sequence Alignment
 - Regulatory Networks
 - String and graph algorithms for Bioinformatics
 Biomedical Computing:
 - Mining biomedical databases
 - Heterogeneous Data Integration
 - Storage and access structures for biomedical data
 - Biological and biomedical data modeling
 - Information Retrieval from Biomedical data Sources
 - Scientific Visualization
 - Automated text categorization and authority
 - Mining techniques for emerging imaging types
 All submitted papers will be reviewed on the basis
 of technical quality,
 relevance, significance and clarity. Authors should
 submit original,
 unpublished papers containing contributions of
 theoretical or experimental
 nature. Papers will be published in ITCC 2004
 Conference Proceedings.
 Selected papers will be considered for Journal
 Submit your papers (up to 8 pages, in the IEEE
 Proceedings format)
 electronically through
 Further help on submission is available at

 Track co-chairs:
 Bioinformatics: Dr. Sumeet Dua
 (sdua at Biomedical Computing:
 Dr. Y. Alp Aslandogan (alp at )
 Important Deadlines:
 November 21, 2003: Paper submission
 December 19, 2003: Notification of Acceptance
 January 9, 2004:   Camera-ready Copies Due
 Dr. Sumeet Dua
 Computer Science Program,
 Louisiana Tech University
 223 Nethken Hall, 600 W. Arizona Avenue,
 Ruston, LA 71272
 Voice: (318)-257-2830
 Fax: (318)-257-4922
 Email: sdua at
 Dr. Y. Alp Aslandogan
 Dept. of  Computer Science and Engineering
 University of Texas at Arlington
 416 Yates St., 306 Nedderman Hall
 Arlington, TX 76019-0015
 Voice: (817)-272-3334
 Fax: (817)-272-3784
 Email: alp at



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