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Sun Jun 12 19:41:10 EST 2005

Genomics 1995 Sep 20;29(2):329-334 

Analysis of the 5' region of PMS2 reveals heterogeneous transcripts and a
novel overlapping gene.

Nicolaides NC, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Baltimore, Maryland 21231, USA. 

The PMS2 gene encodes a protein that is involved in DNA mismatch repair
and is mutated in a subset of patients with hereditary nonpolyposis
colon cancer (HNPCC). The previously published PMS2 cDNA sequence lacks
an upstream in-frame stop codon preceding the presumptive initiating
methionine. To evaluate the 5' terminus of the PMS2 coding region
further, we isolated additional cDNA clones, RT-PCR products, and the
corresponding 5' genomic segment of the PMS2 locus. The PMS2 gene
transcripts were found to have heterogeneous but colinear 5' termini,
one of which contained an in-frame termination codon preceding the
initiating methionine. In addition, a novel gene encoding a 34.5-kDa
polypeptide was found to initiate transcriptionally within PMS2 from
the opposite strand. 

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