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Barry Hardy bhardy at
Sun Dec 11 08:09:32 EST 1994

In response to some admin-type questions raised by
Mike Quesenberry:

>I think the glycoscience electronic bulletin board is a great idea.  I will
>tell my colleagues about it.  You may wish to consider other means of
>getting the word out, such as:
>          You could approach Prof. Hart the editor of 'Glycobiology'
>          for some free advertising space in that journal, or...

Iain Wilson and I have sent a letter into Glycobiology
with an introductory announcement to the group.

>          Don't forget 'The Glycoconjugate Journal'.  At the last
>          meeting of Soc. for Glycobiology they were giving freebies &
>          'Glycobiology' was $10--the opposite situation of 2 years past
>          So, 'The Glycoconjugate Journal' might be receptive to free ads...

We have also sent an announcement to Harry Schachter for 
Glycoconjugate Journal.

>          How about TIGG?  Don't forget our Japanese colleagues--Let them
>          know as well, they are avid glycobiologists.


>          Also, would people like to hear reports about deparmental talks?
>          We've had Vince Hascall, John Wang, and Eric Toone this semester--
>          ALL WERE GREAT TALKS!!!  Would the operators of this bulletin
>          board, and the other users, think it appropriate or desirable
>          to post 'reviews' or 'reports', and would the INEVITABLE
>          subjective aspects of such be FORGIVEN and the report taken
>          as a positive effort to try to communicate?

Looks like a good idea. It might be wise to get the speaker's
agreement to posting a synopsis.

>phone (?people use these for something other than modems?)

I did the other day and was pushed to recall which way to hold it [:-)].

>P.S.  Where is the job offerings section of this bb?  Just joking...I'd
>sooner be able to transmute lead to gold...

I, personally, would be very pleased to see such a section develop.
Jobs are a very serious concern to young scientists today who are facing
difficult career choices in a tight job market.                     

>P.P.S.  As to databases, are there any CarbBank users out there?

It would be nice to see someone post an FAQ on CarbBank.

Barry J. Hardy

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