Sialyl Lewis!?

David Ashford da5 at
Tue Apr 4 10:29:57 EST 1995

On 4 Apr 1995 13:48:50 GMT Steven Pirie-Shepherd wrote:

> From: Steven Pirie-Shepherd <srps at>
> Date: 4 Apr 1995 13:48:50 GMT
> Subject: Sialyl Lewis!?
> To: "bionet.glycosci mail newsgroup" <bionet-news at>
> I need to know the structure of the tetrasaccharide sialyl Lewis ^x. I 
> have tried searching Databases for this term but all I find are elusively 
> interesting threads relating to inflammation and the acute phase 
> response. Can someone please enlighten me as to what exactly this 
> tetrasaccharide is?
Another victim of Glycospeak! Room for an FAQ here?

The structure is:


It should be in the CarbBank database but I haven't checked.

David Ashford.

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