Protein glycosylation and targetting

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> O-GlcNAc is another type of glycosylation that determines the subcellular
> distribution (from Gary Hart's group) (Hart et al., Ann.Rev.Biochem. 1988 Vol
> 58, pp 841). Unfortunately I do not have any recent reference.
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I don't think that it has been shown that O-GlcNAc _determines_  subcellular 
location and recent papers from Gerry Hart and co-workers don't make this claim. A 
good place to start if you want to find out the latest on O-GlcNAc is Hayes & Hart 
(1994) Novel forms of protein glycosylation, Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 
4, 692-696.

Just because a particular glycosylation is associated with proteins in a subcellular 
compartment it doesn't necessarily prove that that glycosylation is responsible for 
their localisation. It may be, as is the case with O-GlcNAc, that proteins in particular 
compartments are modified by glycosyltransferases in those compartments. That 
leads on to the whole question of what determines a particular protein's 
glycosylation; which is outside the scope of this posting.

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