req. info. on transferases/mannanase

James Masuoka jm2n at
Wed Dec 4 09:48:24 EST 1996

	I have run across several enzymes which could prove
very useful in my work on cell wall protein glycosylation in
Candida albicans. Unfortunately, two of the original references
were published some time ago and I haven't found very much
subsequent information.

	Specifically, I am interested in:
1) beta-1,2-mannosyltransferase (Suzuki, et al. FEBS Lett, 1995)
2) mannosylphosphatetransferase (Karson & Ballou, JBC, 1978)
3) phosphomannanase (McLellan, et al., J.Bact., 1970)

	I sent requests to the corresponding authors where I
could find recent addresses. However, I thought I'd post here
in hopes of getting a more timely response.

	I'd greatly appreciate any information anyone has on
these enzymes.


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