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Mon Mar 11 13:54:34 EST 1996

* The special issue of refereed EGC-1 papers will be published in 
in Glycoconjugate Journal ca. early 1997.  If any author has  
has any concern about waiting until this date for publication
of their paper please email barry at
Now that a system is in place we anticipate that we will
be able to offer an accelerated publication of accepted EGC-2 
papers in Glycoconjugate Journal in 1997.

* An organizational account has been established for The
Second Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-2) at
egc2org at 
Please direct your general questions on EGC-2 there.  If you have
questions that specifically relate to your EGC-2 scientific presentation 
you should send them to the relevant section convener of the EGC-2
conference.  (Convener addresses will be supplied with the EGC-2
announcement that will be posted later this month).  Otherwise you
may address general scientific queries to the EGC-2 scientific 
coordinator (Iain Wilson) at wilson at

* A mailing list has been established for The Glycoscience
Network (TGN) at
tgn at
Announcments concerning  TGN and EGC-2 will be posted to this list.
The initial list is based on the general at
list that was used for EGC-1 so subscriptions are not required
if you are receiving this mail on the tgn list.  The EGC-1 general
list has now been discontinued.    

If you wish to unsubscribe from this list send the following
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unsubscribe tgn at your_email at address

If you wish to subscribe from this list send the following
one line message to majordomo at

subscribe tgn at your_email at address

The list is hypermailed on the Web so that postings can be browsed at: 

The mailing list is open to postings from subscribers so feel free to 
raise any discussion or issue with regards to TGN or EGC-2 on the list. 

Barry Hardy

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