Boston Glycobiology meeting web site status

Charles WARREN boston96 at MSHRI.ON.CA
Wed Nov 20 19:08:40 EST 1996

Dear Glycoscientist,

With just 3 days to go to the Society for Glycobiology
meeting in Boston, I wanted to update you on the web
database of abstracts in case you want to do some last
minute browsing before you travel to the meeting.

As of 20-Nov-96 (18:00 EST) database contains: 

      244 complete abstracts 
      12 titles/authors only; (5 posters/7 speakers) 
            (I am chasing delinquents!) 
      256 abstracts total 
      To end 18-Nov-96 2172 searches requested

Hopefully the stragglers will give in and send abstracts
in soon!

Regards,		CHarles

Boston96 WWW site
Mount Sinai Hospital

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