Option to moderate the GLYCOSCI list

Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Sat Oct 5 11:02:44 EST 1996

Dear Readers of the GLYCOSCI newgroup,

Yet again today a non-scientific 'marketing' e-mail has been sent to 
the  GLYCOSCI/bionet.glycosci newsgroup. Perhaps some of you feel 
this is happening to often. As co-discussion leaders of the 
newsgroup, Barry Hardy and I have briefly discussed the matter. There 
are basically two options:

1/ If you receive the newsgroup by e-mail and you don't wish to
receive irrelevant mails, then you could unsubscribe from the list
and instead read the newsgroup with an Internet browser or a
newsreader - the archives of the newsgroup are available through
http://www.bio.net/hypermail/GLYCOSCI/ and your Internet provider
may have a newsreading service.

2/ The list becomes moderated - this means all posts (unless someone 
manages to forge something) would be directed to a moderator who 
would have to OK each post. Even though the newsgroup volume is not 
excessive, Barry and I would prefer not to do this - but perhaps 
someone may wish to take on this task, with a deputy to take over as 
necessary. If you are interested in performing this service for the 
glyco-community then you should contact me and I will forward details 
on the technological side of moderation.

Of course neither of these steps guarantee that you don't receive 
junk e-mail - personally (not via the newsgroup, but perhaps as a 
result of posting to newsgroups) I've received some offers of distinctly 
dubious products!

Best regards,


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