Glycoscience Network Live! Service Announcement

egc2org egc2org at BELLATRIX.PCL.OX.AC.UK
Sun Oct 6 14:49:08 EST 1996

                       Glycoscience Network Live! 

     We are pleased to announce the release of the Glycoscience Network 
Live! service for members of The Glycoscience Network (TGN) community. This 
service consists of a WWW-based scientific resource in which TGN members may 
access an interactive environment on a continuous basis to participate 
in online scientific events including lectures, discussions,
poster sessions, journal clubs, collaborative scientific projects,
structural and informatic resources, glossary, other scientific
projects, and a Job and Trade Centre.  These activities will be available
on a year-round basis to subscribed TGN members.

     As a starting point the interactive facility and material 
for The Second Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-2, is available through the 
service.  EGC-2 registrants will receive one year's free membership to 
TGN  and its services starting from October 1 1996.  For others
membership may be obtained for a subscription equivalent to the
EGC-2 registration fee via the registration facility through TGN's
page at: 
Membership fee for one year is 35 pounds (50 dollars) with a reduced
rate of 20 pounds (30 dollars) for students.  These fees will aid
in the support and improvement of services and connections
to TGN members.  

     The Glycoscience Network Live! service is currently available 
via  A US mirror service and
other server service upgrades will be released in due 

    We encourage TGN members to participate in projects and will
endeavour to support member contributions via available technical and
financial means.  We offer an open invitation to members 
to submit their interests and project suggestions for consideration
to egc2org at

   TGN and the Glycoscience Network Live! service will be provided
by Greenlea Communications which is dedicated to the establishment 
of high quality virtual environments and resources for the scientific 

Barry J. Hardy, barry at
Iain B. H. Wilson, wilson at

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