Boston96 abstracts on-line!

boston96 at MSHRI.ON.CA boston96 at MSHRI.ON.CA
Mon Oct 21 19:54:54 EST 1996

Dear Glycoscientist,

A first release of the abstracts for the 1996 Meeting of the Society for
Glycobiology to be held in Boston this November is now available on the

Visit the web site at

You can access the search pages from there.

The database is not yet complete - I have a few abstracts that came by disc
still to read in (will do by Wednesday). Plus some people have been delinquent
in sending electronic abstracts, but I will try and chase them up.

We are also working on a strange formatting problem, which causes abstracts
to come out in 1 paragraph (unless <p> tagged). If you find other problems,
please let me know, so that I can fix them!

I have decided to release this 'beta' database for 2 reasons.  First time is
ticking down.  Second - although we all want our abstracts to look as
beautiful as possible, these web versions are NOT the ones being published in
Glycobiology.  The camera ready hard copies were for that purpose. I feel that
having access to the abstract now is more valuable than waiting for a perfectly
finished site.  I hope you agree.

Meanwhile, search early, search often.  I'll keep you updated on progress and
of course, will advertise when the database is 'complete' both in terms of
content and of style.


Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

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