Separation of tryptic digest

Martin Kaliwoda e8327091 at
Sun Oct 27 07:39:11 EST 1996

Dear Glycoscientists!
I am searching for an easy (like always) method to separate 
peptides from glycopeptides.
After a tryptic digest and RP chromatography, I would like to identify
glycopeptides. Because of the complex peak pattern of the RP map
it is unpossible to use a PNGase digest after the tryptic digest
and compare or fractionate the RP maps.
A possibility would be the use of a ConA column, but I think that the 
ConA material is too specific.
I would prefer a HPLC method, because there is only a mg amount of material.
So if anyone of you has suggestions or experience with this problem, please 
post to the newsgroup, or mail to e8327091 at 
Thanks a lot
		Martin Kaliwoda

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