Total carbohydrate content

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>From: Rafa³ Ziobro <rrziobro at kinga.cyf-kr.edu.pl>
>Subject: Total carbohydrate content
>Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 10:08:38 -0700

>I am to measure total carbohydrate content in cereal
>grain/flour. Would you suggest me a simple metod for such 
>        Thanks in advance 

>        Rafal

I find the phenol/sulphuric assay to be pretty robust and sensitive, but it 
does use some rather nasty reagents. You will need glass cuvettes and, 
preferably, an old spectrophotometer. The method is in Dubois et al. (1956)
Analytical Chemistry, v28, pp350-356.
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