Updated WWWsite: The Antibody Resource Page

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Tue Oct 21 18:33:55 EST 1997

Updated WWWsite:  The Antibody Resource Page

The Antibody Resource Page has been recently updated.  The page will be
invaluable to researchers and educators alike.

Here is just some of what can be found on the page:

1. How to Find an Antibody - a variety of ways on and off the web to
find the antibody you are looking for.

2. Online Companies - links to over 110 companies that sell antibodies
or antibody related products.  Is your company listed on this page?

3. Antibody Image Gallery - some animated gifs have recently been added

4. Bulletin Board - Have a question or have an answer?  Then stop by and
post a message.

5. Educational Resources - a variety of new links have been added. 
There are links to pages on immunochemistry, antibody production, 
autoimmunity, vaccines, immunology and much more.  This page is divided
up into sections on research, educational, and health resources.

...and there is much more.  Check it out at:


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