Lectin Database Project

David Ashford da5 at york.ac.uk
Thu Oct 30 12:21:36 EST 1997

Call for participation in the Lectin Database Project

During a session on Lectins at the recent Electronic Glycoscience 
Conference (EGC-3), the creation of a database of lectin properties was 
proposed. We met, formed an informal steering group and devised the bare 
bones of the Lectin Database (LDB) project.

The purpose of this posting is to publicise what we are planning and ask 
those interested in the LDB project, and who maybe want to be involved, to 
contact us.

First, something about the form and content of the LDB.

The LDB will be freely available over the internet as an information 
resource for both dedicated lectinologists and casual lectin-users. The LDB 
will be complementary to, and interlinked with, the new 3D lectin database 
(http://www.cermav.cnrs.fr/databank/lectine/). The LDB has the support of 
The Glycoscience Network (http://www.vei.co.uk/TGN/) and the Virtual 
Institute of Wet Biology (VIWB, http://emile-21.com/viwb/welcome.html). 
VIWB is dedicated to helping real wet biology projects through 
bioinformatics and internet technology.

The first stage of the LDB will be to collect available information on 
lectins such as: lectin name and abbreviations, PDB entry code and 
sequence; source organism and tissue; specificity, inhibitory mono- and 
oligo-saccharides, requirements for binding e.g. buffer composition and pH, 
metal ions etc; non-sugar inhibitors; commercial suppliers; references for 
properties, purification, specificity etc.

Second, ways that you can be involved in the LDB project.

There are currently three ill-defined and overlapping degrees of 

1.	Joining an email list of interested parties who will receive 
information about the LDB as it progresses.

2.	Submitting information to the LDB on your own lectin research. We 
aim to build a network of submitting participants in the lectin research 
community to help keep the LDB fully up-to-date.

3.	Becoming part of the LDB team. We are looking for lectin-loving 
volunteers to help with checking and editing the database entries.

If you are interested in more information and/or want to be part of the LDB 
project, please reply to this email (mailto:BMSLWRI1 at livjm.ac.uk) and let 
us know if/how you want to be involved. We also welcome any constructive 
comments, suggestions or criticisms.

David Ashford, Christian Frosch, Thomas Hamelryck, Anne Imberty, Remy 
Loris, Ofer Markman and Lisa Wright

The Lectin Database Project

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