glycosidase-mannosidase inhibitors

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Please note that Toronto Research Chemicals Inc. is the primary
manufacturer of the mannosidase inhibitors such as Swainsonine, DMJ, as
well as glucosidase inhibitors, galactosidase inhibitors, fucosidase
inhibitors etc.   We supply them to many resellers worldwide.

Our prices are the least expesive and guarantee the highest quality.

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Charles E. Dime,
torresch at

We have all our

>There are a few mannosidase inhibitors about
>Deoxymannojirimycin - Golgi mannosidase I inhibitor
>Swainsonine - Is thought to be mainly a lysosomal mannosidase inhibitor
>Check out Biochim. Biophys. Acta vol. 825, p95- for a review of inhibitors
>of oligosaccharide processing.
>All of the above are available from oxford glycosystems
>Ian Mc
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>> Hello everybody,
>> I'm looking for mannosidase  inhibitors,
>> Any comments? Or references on this topic?
>> Any help is appreciated
>> Dr. Eduardo Perez Campos
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