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Dear Glycosci,

I hope this note finds you well.

I am happy to tell you that we now have over 10,000 Water Resource Professionals from all over the world freely sharing their thoughts on the Haestad Technical Forums.

Please consider joining us.

  WaterTalk (water supply)
  StormTalk (stormwater management)
  Sewertalk (sanitary sewer modeling)

Visit: http://www.haestad.com/forums/06

I look forward to your comments,


John Haestad
President & CEO
Haestad Methods

This email intended for glycosci at net.bio.net only.

Haestad Methods, Inc. provides the highest quality software, textbooks, and continuing education to Civil Engineers and Water Resources Professionals.

Our software maps, manages, and models your "city water", "city sewer", and your roadway and urban drainage systems.

"When it pours, we reign"

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