Ig and Protein A question

Shiv Prasad shiv at tsp.med.umn.edu
Mon Aug 17 12:23:07 EST 1992

Speaking of Ig's and Ig-binding proteins, does anyone know of a reference
that compiles data on which Ig subclasses of several species bind the various
Proteins-A/G/X/Y/Z?  Also is there a table somewhere of which isotypes fix
C'?  It seems that one of these immunochemistry companies (like Pierce) should
have a promotional wall-chart with this information.  The only table I can find
is in a textbook that shows which human isotypes fix C'.  This isn't very
useful, since we never use Hu-Ab for FACS or cell depletions.  Any help
would be appreciated.

Shiv Prasad
shiv at lenti.med.umn.edu

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