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Fri Aug 14 04:54:27 EST 1992

Greetings Ralph:

My personal favorites would be either the FASEBs, now Experimental Biology,
meeting where AAI meets (Except for this year, of course where AAI is meeting
independently of ExBo in Denver).  The downside to FASEB style meetings is
that soooo much is going on, chances are that you will miss something of
interest to you.  However, the meetings will cover a broad range of topics.
Another one to consider is the mid-winter conference of immunologist held each
January at the Asilomar conference grounds in Pacific Grove California.  The
nice thing about the MWCI is that only one thing is going on at a time.
However, the MWCI has "themes" for the meeting and one year's meeting may
interest you greatly while another may bore you.  I can dig up the address
for the MWCI to which you can request information about the upcoming meeting,
if you like.

Best wishes,


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