Analysis of FACS data

wetsel_r at wetsel_r at
Fri Aug 14 05:00:33 EST 1992


This may be of no help but I'll toss it your way...  I had a similar situation
as I wanted to get data from a Coulter EPICS to my PC.  I had to use a "null"
modem cable as the i/o was a serial connection.  The EPICs already had "data
export" software.  I had to use communication software on the PC in order to receive the data, specifically I used Procom.  It took a couple of tries
to get the two to talk as I had to work out all the communication parameters,
like baud, data bits, parity - once I did, it worked like a charm.  I hope
that's of some use as most of the detail have left me since that was four
years ago!!!

I hope it can help...


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