Analysis of FACS data

Shiv Prasad shiv at
Thu Aug 6 10:21:31 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug6.114417.2704 at> ccy at po.CWRU.Edu (Cheung C. Yue) writes:
>I wonder if there are software (preferrably public domain) which
>will let one take the primary sort data obtained on a machine
>such as the B-D Facscan and stored on a Hewlett-Packard machine
>to be manipulated for display on machines such as an IBM clone
>or a Mac.  Thanks for your input.
>ccy at

In our lab we use our Mac to call up the FACS lab, and using Versaterm (a
modem program with graphics capabilities) we can down load the data.  I 
then use MacDraw II to do all of the laborious fiddling around to make the
data presentable.  Versaterm allows one to store the data in MacDraw format.

Shiv Prasad
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Univ. of Minnesota
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