theoretical models of cellular immunity

Thu Aug 6 08:25:12 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug6.075459.16300 at>, MBFBPED at UK.AC.MCC.CMS (andy
brass) says:
>I was wondering if anyone on this group knew of any theoretical work
>which might have been done to understand the phenomena of Th subset
>polarisation - particular in regard to understanding how the cytokine
>interactions between the Th subset cells might control the process
>(to help interpret in vivo depletion experiments). I am aware that a
>lot of work has been done on developing theoretical models to explain
>the behaviour of the humoral immune system - has anything similar been
>attempted for cellular immunity?

   To help those of us who might want to reply to your questions perhaps you
would supply the following information.
   (i) How many T cell subsets do you recognize?
  (ii) What is T cell subset "polarization"?
 (iii) How are you carrying out your "in vivo depletion" experiments?

   Sincerely,   Don Forsdyke

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