IGSS anyone ???

BENNY SHOMER 9238 pc386 at il.ac.tau.ccsg
Mon Jul 20 09:15:39 EST 1992

Dear Immunologists on the Net.

I have recently purchased from "Bio Cell" products to perform an ImmunoGold 
Silver staining of parrafin embedded tissue slides.
The reagents are Gold-conj.-Goat anti Mouse Ab. and a silver enhancement kit.
However I haven't checked the reagents yet. (I have a range of biotinylated
mAb's , allready proved to perform well...).

My questions:

1. Has anyone tryied any of these specific reagents? any comments? tips? 

2. Some people here have had bad experience with ImmunoGold labeling. I tend
   not to jump to conclusions to fast, but: Would you like to comment on the
   method? How efficient do you find it? Does it work well in your hands?
   How do you find it in comparisson with other methods? (I forgot to mention
   - I'm speaking of __*LIGHT*__ microscopy.). Do you think it worths the 
   O.K., O.K.- I know the theoretical points regarding sensitivity, lack of
   problems with endogenous enzymes, stability of signal etc. etc. . But 
   what about practice ? Did theory and practice meet in your hands ?

If people would like to send me their favorite protocols for IGSS, I promise
to cummulate the protocols, to repost them, so that we may all retrieve them
when we wish from the biosci archives through WAIS or gopher.

I hope this is going to be a live and helpfull discussion.

Sincerely yours, Benny Shomer.

Tel-Aviv University . Sackler School of medicine.
Dept. of Embryology & Teratology.
Tel-Aviv , Israel.

Internet :  pc386 at ccsg.tau.ac.il

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                                              ...THAT is the question !

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