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Tue Jul 7 16:44:10 EST 1992

   Yes, the "word" that bionet.immunology is up and running should certainly
be spread at the Budapest conference, and indeed, at all places where
immunologists gather. I hope Dr. Abdelhaleem and any other netters who are
attending will do all they can to further this end.

   I initially registered and submitted an abstract for Budapest, but then our
Faculty of Medicine ran out of travel funds and I had to cancel. I hope that
those fortunate enough to attend will summarize, on their return, any
particularly interesting conference highlights which may be of interest to the
rest of us.


           Don Forsdyke. Discussion Leader.

The following is an example of how the AIDS people are organizing
netwise for the Amsterdam AIDS conference:

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Here in the Netherlands there is a group of us who are setting up a network
of BBS systems to distribute information concerning HIV and AIDS.  It is
going quite well, so far.  We pick up the two current Fido AIDS/HIV areas
directly from the States, as well as the electronic versions of ATN, BETA,
etc.  This group gets gatewayed as well.

During the conference, here in beautiful Amsterdam, we are setting up a
communications center, with three DOS machines.  We are offering the
facility to post information and reports about the conference to s.m.a and
the Fido areas, as well as offering use of e-mail facilities, either via
Fidonet or (if all goes well in the next week :-) via the Internet, thanks
to a friendly research project at the University of Amsterdam.  If there is
an interest in using our facilities, we would like to hear about it asap
(yes, I should have posted a while ago, but we've been meeting ourselves
coming and going the last weeks).  It is also possible to set up personal
mailboxes for people who want to send and receive mail.  Of course, if you
just show up, you are welcome as well!

Although our systems can be used directly to type on, it would be more
efficient if people had their own computers along (laptops, I assume :-)
and merely came along with a floppy.  We are located in the entrance hall,
under our own banner (HIVNET).  If it works out, Internet addresses will be
of the form

        First_Last at

In any case, messages can be sent for people to

        hivnet at

and can be passed along, as long as people make themselves known to us at
the conference.

We are (of course) also reachable via Fidonet.  We will be polling 1:13/13
at least three times daily during the conference, as well as our normal
Fidonet connection for the rest of the world.  Our Fido number is
2:280/413.  The conference center at the RAI will be point 100, thus
2:280/413.100.  We hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Matthew Lewis
Stiching HIVNET
Matthew Lewis, University of Amsterdam          Grote Bickersstraat 72
+31-20-52 51 220                                1013 KS  Amsterdam
Internet: matthew at                    The Netherlands

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