intrasplenic immunisation protocol

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Thu Jul 2 04:52:27 EST 1992

In article <1992Jul1.194823.25660 at>, GAMEL at RZMAIN.RZ.UNI-ULM.DE (GAMEL ANTON) writes:
> Hi all!
> Does anybody out there have a 100% :-) - protocol for
> intrasplenic immunisation with MAb bound to beads.
> Hints and citations are wellcome. Up to now I have recognized:
> Spitz, M.; Methods in Enzymology Vol.121, 33ff and
> Nilsson,B.O., Larsson, A.; Immunology Today 11(1)1990, 10ff
> but I think I need more details.
> Many thanks

Hi Anton,
I found an article describing an intrasplenic imm protcol with 
nitrocellulose bound Ag. So, it is not exactly what you want, it might
be useful to you.

Grohmann U, Romani L, Binaglia, Fioretti MC, Puccetti P (1991). 
Intrasplenic immunization for the induction of humoral and 
cell-mediated immunity to nitrocellulose-bound antigen. 
Journal of Immunological Methods  137: 9-16.

Bye, Edward

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