Am I missing something?

Nathan Maman maman at titan.Colorado.EDU
Wed Jul 1 11:37:19 EST 1992

			Hi bionet.immunology readers,

	I'm not an immunologist myself but I once read something about the self/non-self
recognition.  It was in a book written in '71 by Jacques Monod ``Hasard et necessite''. 
I think in english it should be ``Luck and necessity'' or something like that.
	As far as I remember well, he said in this book that the defense cells cannot
``learn'' new types of ``strangers''.  The process was described as the cell always
trying to produce every antibody it knows.  That is an explanation for different people
having different capabilities concerning this subject of self defense.  Also perhaps for
auto-immune responses.
	 When the antibodies produced are unused, ie have not met the body they match,
the production is lowered.  And if on the contrary they matched something then the
production is increased.  But the increase rate may be not high enough to insure a good
defense.  That's why, according to me, there is a ``training'' for cells.

	I'm not continuing further since I may already have said wrong things.
	What is the state of the art in this matter?
	Is what I read still valid?

		Thanks for your help in understanding better.
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