Test message

Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at TURBO.BIO.NET
Mon Jun 29 18:29:57 EST 1992

We are still setting up this newsgroup.  We will announce when it
is ready for use.

(this is the second version of the same test)

| Kenton A. Hoover                                 |                          |
| BIOSCI Network Administrator (bionet newsgroups) |    shibumi at presto.ig.com |
| GenBank/IntelliGenetics, Inc.       415 962 7300 |  shibumi at genbank.bio.net |
| Delores breezed along the surface of her life like a flat stone forever     |
| skipping along smooth water, rippling reality sporadically but oblivious to |
| it consistently, until she finally lost momentum, sank, and due to an over- |
| dose of flouride as a child which caused her to suffer from chronic apathy, |
| doomed herself to lie forever on the floor of her life as useless as an     |
| appendix and as lonely as a five-hundred pound barbell in a steroid-free    |
| fitness center.                                                             |
|                -- Winning sentence, 1990 Bulwer-Lytton bad fiction contest. |

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