Kabat DB Availability

George Johnson geojohn at casbah.acns.nwu.edu
Tue Nov 10 13:14:45 EST 1992


Thanks to the many people who answered our survey of users
and possible users of the Kabat database of Sequences of
Proteins of Immunological Interest.  Many of you had
questions regarding the availability of the database in
electronic form.

The Kabat database is being kept by the NCBI of NLM at
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (IP in the /repository/kabat
directory.  Please look through the README file in this
directory for information regarding what is in that directory
and the subdirectories.

We are pleased to announce that PostScript files of the
database are available in the subdirectory Postscrpt.  The
information in these postscript files is current.  On our
SUN/unix machines here, we can print the PostScript files
on LEGAL sized paper with the command lpr <filename>.  I
am not yet familiar with how to print these things on
Macs, Ibms, etc, but I hear that it is possible and easy.
All these files are compressed.  Uncompress them before 
using them.

Please look over the README file and please glance at the
data files before concluding that things are too confusing.

The README file contains an e-mail address for correspondence
with the database workers (T.T. WU and me).

Thank you for your interest!

George Johnson

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