Immunology Question on Complement 4

Jean-Philippe NICAISE nicky at
Sun Nov 22 14:18:26 EST 1992

Hello all,

I am writing this article for a friend who suffer from an acquired
immune deficiency that is NOT HIV AIDS (that is it doesn't comes from
a virus and is not transmissible).

Is there now a specific serum that could make up (in a isolated manner)
a deficiency of the complement 4 (that is without PPSB). If so, what
are the consequences ? Is there a risk to create some antibodies ?

Please answer directly through e-mail to 'JR92 at' (Jerome
Rabenou) since we don't have access to this newsgroup except for writing.
Jerome is not the people suffering from the deficiency but a close
friend to her.

Thanks for any help,
== nicky.

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