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Wed Nov 25 16:19:19 EST 1992

In article <878 at> philstas at (Stas Philippe) writes:
>In article <1992Nov19.173352.15183 at>, U196CFA at CSI.IT writes:
>> does anyone know if an antigenic peptide, and related poly or monoclonal
>> antibody, databank exist ??, if so, where is it available?

I am also currently working with a group to provide data on all facets of
hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies.  Data includes such things as
specificity, development, applications, etc.  I am more than happy to
provide anyone with information from this database.  If interested, please
e-mail me.  I can also provide further details at that time.

Barbara Lewis
Hybridoma Data Bank
blewis at

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