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Tue Oct 13 16:18:29 EST 1992

    As I remember the issue of foof allergy problems have been already
discussed in this USENET/INTERNET/Interest group.
     Friend of my, memmber of the 3rd Medical faculty, Charles Univers.,
Prague, Czechoslovakia IS WILLIng to investigate this problem in a grant
project. The clinical increase of kids allergies stress her to make this appeal
 and willing to apply.
 Specific questions are:
   1. Is anybody on the list who would cooperate or participate ???
   2. Does anybody some clinical and addtional problems in childhood practice?
   3. Can anybody recommend IN VITRIO (reliable) non-isotopic (ELISA or strip)
      laboratory method he is succesfully using and give the reference OR !!!
      (from Czechoslovakia we still are unable to dial 800-XXXXX) to mention
      toll free our tremendeous interest to be faxed on +42-2-741075 or e-maile
d on the address below.
   4. An option to m{_g#ake a join project would certainly not excluded and mig
ht be discussed privatedly on e-mail.
   5. It is expected that due to the importance of this problems most of the
      cost arised from this projecxt could be covered from Czech Ministry of He
alth or affiliated insititions.
      Looking forward to your replies,
  Milan Jira, M.D., Ph.D., Head, Dept. of Clinical Immunology,
     Charles Univers., Faculty of Medicine, Prague, Czechoslovakia
BITNET:ULIMJ at CSEARN.BITNET         Internet: ulimj at aci.cvut.cs    s;nyM

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