Immunology texts: the results!

Donald E Ordaz Jr dordaz at
Thu Sep 3 12:06:56 EST 1992

Hello All,

A few weeks ago I posted a question regarding what text books are
being used for an undergraduate level (Jr./Sr.) immunology course.

I received 10 responses of which are summarized below. I apologize
for the delay in posting the results.

Thanks to all who took the time to respond.

Don Ordaz
Ohio State University
Department of Microbiology

My original posting:

Hello All,

I'm conducting a quick survey regarding textbooks used in teaching an
introductory Immunology course.

The question :

What, if any, text do you use or have you used for an introductory immunology
course, at the undergraduate level?

Would you recommend the text?

Any strong or weak points about the text?

Please e-mail me directly, I'l post the results for anyone interested.


Don Ordaz
Department of Microbiology
The Ohio State University

dordaz at

The Survey says:

Text                            Recommended       Not Recommended

Roitt                           I                 II
Golub and Green                 II
Abbas et. al                    III
Kuby                            I
Clark                           I

Ivan Roitt, Essential Immunology, 6th ed., Gower or Blackwell Publ.

E. Golub and D. Green, Immunology, A Synthesis, 2nd ed., Sinauer.

Abbas et. al, Molecular and Cellular Immunology (?), Saunders.

Kuby, Freeman Publ.

Clark, Wiley Publ.

Here At Ohio State for our Micro. 522 course (Principles of Infection and Host
Resistance we use:

Kimball, J.W., Introduction to Immunology, 3rd ed., 1990, MacMillan.

Kreier, J.P. and R.F. Mortensen, Infection, Resistance, and Immunity. 1st ed.,
Harper and Row, 1990.

Here is a brief summary of some of the responses:

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