Wed Sep 23 07:46:26 EST 1992

>>There is a discussion going on in news.groups about the possibility
>>of starting a newsgroup that would also include
>>food intolerances such as type III hypersensitivities as well as
>>other areas of the immune system as they might relate to allergies
>>and intolerances.
>>I didn't post here originally because I didn't know this group was
> Krista,
 Dear Krista,
   As one of the initiators of Bionet.immunology, I am pleased to invite
   those interested in allergy to use Bionet.immunology as their forum, at
   least until the size of the newsgroup gets unwieldy.
   The original "charter" of Bionet.immunology was as follows:

Topics of interest would be:

   Mechanism of self/not-self discrimination
   Evolution and role of MHC polymorphism
   Two signal hypotheses
   Education of T cells
   Education of B cells
   T cell and B cell cooperation
   G0/G1 switch to activate ICCs (immunologically competent cells)
   Mechanisms of ICC deletion or suppression
   T cell receptors
   B cell receptors
   Signal transduction pathways
   Parasite strategies to avoid the immune response
   Why does not a placental mammal not reject the fetal "graft"
   Relationship of heat-shock response to intracellular self discrimination
   Mechanism of action of cyclosporine
   The acute phase response
   Role of fever in infections- positive or negative?
                        Don Forsdyke. Discussion Leader.Bionet.Immunology

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