How about a crash program in basic immunological research?

Gary Kronk C09630GK at WUVMD
Fri Apr 9 15:11:51 EST 1993

I have been contemplating this idea for some time as well. I am not a
doctor, but my wife is a nurse and I know a lot of doctors and nurses.
The point here being that doctors and nurses do not seem to get sick
nearly as much as people outside the medical profession.

In the past I have noted numerous instances where my kids and I were
very sick with the flu or something, but my wife came through the
entire ordeal without a sniffle.

My idea here is that to invest in a program of immunological research
might indeed lead to the development of "cures", but the largest
benefit would almost have to be the potential for prevention.

My question to the immunologists out there is, Is there a way to
"excercise" the body's immunity system? [Lets call it immunicise :-) ].
I rarely got sick during my childhood, but during my 20s I was hit
hard by some flu viruses and even mononucleosis. I began excercising
more and watching what I ate and I really have not been hit hard by
any virus for several years (knock on wood!).

Gary W. Kronk

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