How about a crash program in basic immunological research?

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Fri Apr 9 14:15:35 EST 1993

	In article <noringC58C0w.8K7 at>, noring at (Jon
Noring) proposes that our understanding of disease, and our ability to pro-
vide cures, would be enhanced by a complete understanding of the human 
immune system.  Toward that end, he suggests that we should initiate a
"Human Immune System Project," which would be a big-science project similar
to the Human Genome Project in scope and funding.

	There's an awful lot of immune system research going on already.
Is there a feeling in the community that there is a need for a mega-project?
I'm of the impression that the research is being done, although in a decen-
tralized manner.  The coordination is being provided by conferences, seminars,
and journals.  

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