How about a crash program in basic immunological research?

Rawlings Edwa Racey race at
Sun Apr 11 14:49:48 EST 1993

     The distribution of research monies will always be contested. The current
hue and cry today is for a cure for HIV, a few years back it was smallpox prior
to that it was polio. But no disease has ever been "cured" by throwing money at
it, especially the way politicians throw it.
     The current administration wants to divert research money toward
application, I have no problem with that. The Japanese have invested large
amounts of money toward application in the consumer electronics field and have
benefited from the expenditure, but it was basic research that created the
semiconductor that made it possible.
      Yes, we need to develop BioTechnology centers but we still need to fund
basic studies in Immunology, Virology, Molecular Biology, BioChemistry to name
just a few. Forget the crash program, start with a simple question and when you
find the answer use it to solve a more difficult question. Use the answers that
basic research gives us to develop the applications we need.

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