Problem Printing Kabat PS Files on a mac

gustilo at gustilo at
Wed Apr 14 14:59:01 EST 1993


I have had problems printing large PS files from the kabat database. The
set up:
macintosh IIsi; 5 Mb of RAM; system 7 printing to a LaserWriter IINT using
MacLPR 1.3.2.

The smaller files print OK. It is with the files that are greater than 150K
that I have trouble printing. The problem occurs with the notes and
citations section of the files in question. The codons print OK but as soon
as it reaches the end of the codon section, the printer balks citing a PS
error ( I have gotten an illegal CR error, and a setfont error). I also
tried using SendPS 2.0 but this program has trouble finding the printer.

I tried editing the files but I munged up the print area and I don't know
enough about PS to really figure out what the problem is.

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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