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> Todd Huhn
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> Greetings,
> I have been trying to find information of on the use of adjuvants in cancer  
> therapy but haven't had much luck.  I'm familiar with the GAO findings and  
> recommendations of 1989, but I am looking more to immunotherapy ...

There are several areas of research you can examine which involve the use 
of adjuvants in the therapy of cancer, and worth Medline searching for the 
specific areas of interest to you.

Some of the older work by Steve Rosenberg used adjuvants in the loosest 
since, i.e. IL-2, to augment responses, as does more recent work. A second 
older use of the term occasionally was to refer to the use of BCG to get 
nonspecific beneficial effects.

More appropriately, and probably most to the point, look at:  recent papers 
by Mitchell et al.; a review by J.M. McGee (Sem. J. Surg. Oncol. 7:217-220 
1991) on melanoma (the system most explored in this regard); and for a free
but useful bibliography two pages long, ask for one from the company most 
involved in commercial development of adjuvants for use in treating tumors, 
RIBI at  1-800-548-7424 553 Old Corvallis Rd   Hamilton MT 59840 USA .
They are likely to even send a few reprints, if asked.

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