Cancer Immunology, Anyone?

Michael Tsifansky tsif at
Thu Apr 22 01:12:47 EST 1993

Hello everyone!

As you have surely guessed, I am inetrested in cancer immunology (basic science as wel as applied research).

I am a second-year Biology student at the University of Chicago, and I am
starting to think about getting involved in a research project (hopefuly in 
tumor immunology or something closely related).

If anyone knows about anything of the sort going on at the U of C (preferably) 
or perhaps elsewhere in Chicago within a manageable distance away from U of C, 
please let me know.

I have several very general ideas for a project, but I will definitely need someleadership, at least at first. I am planning to start immediately after the 
schol is over (Mid-June) and continue until I graduate from U of C. I am hoping to develop the research into an Honors project in Biology.

Responces and any advice will be GREATELY appreciated.

Thank you,

Michael Tsifsansky (tsif at

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