tonsil B cell population

Emanuele Buratti buratti at genes.icgeb.trieste.it
Wed Aug 4 09:55:59 EST 1993

I am currently researching the expression of a novel homeobox gene expressed in the haematopoietic system. The results obtained so far indicate that it is expressed in leukemic cell lines of pre-B cell phenotype (Nalm6) but that its expression gradually decreases in cell lines with a more mature phenotype. However, an analysis of normal B cells from tonsils has revealed a very high expression of this gene.
 Since everybody is currently on holiday I am a little stuck in finding what is the composition of B cell subpopulations in the tonsil. I thank in advanca anybody who could give me any reference as to where I might be able to look up these data.
e-mail: buratti at icgeb.trieste.it

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