Help with Poly-Arthritis or variations...

Robert T. Mathews an377 at yfn.ysu.edu
Tue Aug 3 19:20:00 EST 1993

 Following a suggestion, I am posting this "request for assistence"

August 3, 1993.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

       I have a certain question to place forward to the receiving audience
in this News Group.  I am unsure as to the appropriateness of posting this
question within this news group;  in that this question might be better 
served if I posted it, to another group.  If you should feel so after
your reading;  please take a moment to re-direct me to that particular news
group if you could.

       The matter reflects a predicament - an acquaintance of mine, that I  
most recently met has been placed in.  His wife has been diagnosed of having
an ailment called "Poly-Arthritis".  I have thus far performed a variety of
Library searches and Veronica Searches in Gopherspace to No-avail.  This, in
an attempt to perhaps find scholarly writings, any new development in the 
field as classified, prospective treatment(s) - that are being performed 
away from their region of presence, and any matter that might bring to an
understanding to -how- they might combat perhaps the finality, of the present
diagnosis, that have been rendered.  

       The diagnosis that have been rendered is that,  a certain woman might 
have to spend the remainder of her life in a wheel chair, on account of the
deteriorating conditions brought forth by her disease.

       I have been demonstrating to this gentleman, whose wife has this
ailment, and certain concerns that he is associated with; the power in, and 
of, people and the various communication channels that which is - this 
networked environment.  All of which demonstrates wonderful tool the networks
are and display the uniqueness of people inter-relating with other people.   

       I am most sincerely hoping that matters of a positive nature might
develop from this enquiry to their benefit. 

       I feel that I must add - as an annotation, that the party is located
in French Polynesia.  The reason I make a finite mention of this is to 
indicate that there is sometimes, a certain tendency for ailments to be 
classified - in such cases, differently area wise - atleast in name.  

       I presently wonder if Poly-Arthritis in this case is indeed more
generally known as, or, classified as Rheumatoid Arthritis and it's
variations?  While I have not provided for your understanding, case history,
symptomatic development, more finite details etc.,  I have provided here
-all- that I know. 

       Any help in terms of guidance and direction to sources of information
or expertise in this country of ours, or elsewhere is indeed - much 

       I shall, expeditiously pass the details on to them --as soon-- as I
receive it from you.

Many, many thanks and all the very best,
Robert Mathews.

E:mail  bm189 at po.cwru.edu

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