measuring anergy/suppression

Larry Anthony OLAF at UVVM.UVIC.CA
Mon Aug 9 13:28:56 EST 1993

Hello out there...
                  I would like to solicit opinions on the following idea.  If I
 immunize an animal with something like diptheria/pertussis/tetanus, I should b
e able to induce T cell proliferation from peripheral blood cells for some peri
od of time, right?  My question is, if the animal should subsequently become im
munosuppressed, eg by infection, will this immunosuppression be reflected in a
 suppressed proliferative response to the DPT recall antigens?  I'm looking spe
cically for a T cell immunosuppression, so would there be a better choice of an
tigen to use in the immunization?  Are there any thoughts on this, including an
y references for the protocols, etc?  Thanks in advance for any help.
                  Yours sincerely,

                  Lawrence Anthony, Ph. D.

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