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> Hello -
> Does anyone know of a source for nylon wool (=fiber)?  Fenwal Labs in Morton Grove, IL used to make it but was bought out by Baxter, who now makes what used to be "Fenwal bags" out of something else> , and it's much more expensive.  There was a source in Australia also, but that was ten years ago.  Alternatively, is there something else I could use in neutrophil adherence experiments?@
> Thanks very much.  Kimmy


Cellular Products, Inc. sells "scrubbed nylon fibers."  The catalog
number is 1007-20.  20 g package for $20.00.
They are at 688 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Tel: 716-842-6270

SUNY Stony Brook
email:hfleit at path.som.sunysb.edu

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