What are these?

Linda Jacobson linda at frcs.alt.za
Wed Aug 18 12:51:51 EST 1993

> I found these wierd international phone sex lines in a magazine the
> otherday and I was just wondering how these people can offer a service
> like this for free. It makes no sence to me. Anyways it is pretty hardcore
> and anyone into that type of stuff should give it a shout.

[numbers deleted!]

Apparently this guy has been sending the same message to every newsgroup and
public mailing list on the network. It seems that the numbers are in Sao
Tome and this is some kind of scam so that the phone company there (or
individuals operating through it) can get foreign currency - AT&T bills you
and pays them. (It isn't free, of course, but costs about $5 per minute.) My
information is that the person who posted these messages has been
unceremoniously dumped off the network and has disappeared into cyberspace.


Linda Jacobson
Department of Medicine
Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital
South Africa

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