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>> Hi,
>> What I actually mean by an immunology database is something in which I can
>> find anti-gen - anti-body information, who has made it, availability,
>> references etc.
>> There should be a lot of information around, no?
>> Berend
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>The closest thing that I know of is Linscott's directory of
>immunological and biological reagents which lists commercially
>available reagents.  The book costs about $70 (U.S).  It seems to be
>quite comprehensive. The address is 4877 Grange Road, Santa Rosa, CA
>95404 phone 707-544-9555.  Some of the reagenst listed in the book
>would also be available from the American Type Culture Collection
>(ATCC).  There is also a European equivalent to this organization.  
>The ATCC has some type of online version of their catalog available,
>although I don't beleive it is accessible through the Net.
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ATCC is accessible via gopher merlot.welch.jhu.edu   :-)

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