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>Hello - 
>Does anyone know of a source for nylon wool (=fiber)?  Fenwal Labs in Morton Grove, IL used to make it but was bought out by Baxter, who now makes what used to be "Fenwal bags" out of something else, and it's much more expensive.  There was a source in Australia also, but that was ten years ago.  Alternatively, is there something else I could use in neutrophil adherence experiments?
>Thanks very much.  Kimmy

Hi !

I hope this will help you. We get nylon wool from Fenwal Lab as well as
Robbins Scientific. I am sure you have Fenwal's address, I will give you
Robbins' address:

		Robbins Scientific Corp.
		1280 Space Park Way
		Mtn. View, CA 94043
		Phone: 	(408) 734-8500 <-- try this one first.
			(415) 964-8500

Pawan Agrawal, Iowa State University	

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