How to remove LPS from antigen preparation

Pawan K Agrawal pkagrawa at iastate.edu
Tue Aug 24 15:17:34 EST 1993


I am trying to study an in vitro lympho-proliferative response of Salmonella
enteritidis whole-cell soluble antigen (SE-SA).  Due to the presence of
lipopolysaccharides (LPS) in the SE-SA preparation, I get nonspecific
mitogenic response which might over shadow the specific response to other
antigenic component I am looking for.

Therefor, I need to remove LPS from the SE-SA. I have tried polymyxin B
(PMB) agarose affinity column technique unsuccessfully. The major problem
with the PMB technique is that it removes all protiens along with LPS. The
use of flagellar antigen is practically difficult if not impossible.

Please suggest a technique or reference which you think might help
in solving this problem.         T h a n k s.

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