immunology database?

Jerry Woodward woodward at seqanal.mi.uky.edu
Mon Aug 30 16:21:05 EST 1993

B.J. de Vries (devries at amc.uva.nl) wrote:
: Hi,

: Thanks for all the reactions but I am a little disappointed.
: I was hoping for something in which people would publish there immuno
: specific activities like available mono-clonal antibody's, bindingsites,
: interactions etc.

: To sum up the reactions:

: 1. The best thing to do is use Veronica to do a wild search with a specific
: subject.

: 2. Gopher or telnet to merlot.welch.jhu.edu (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
: In here are ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) and a connection to
: Kabat (Sequences of Proteins of Immunological Interest).

: I Think we should pump up the discussion about this and see if we can get
: something of the ground. There is so much information on the subject, we
: should be able to make it better available.

: Berend
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	I think your idea is a good one and will probably eventually happen. 
However, right now it is probably premature.  To make a useful database
a large number of immunologists would have to participate in inputting info
and someone would of course need to set up the database and decide what
it would contain.  There really aren't a lot of immunologists yet that venture 
out of their office on the computer and read this news group.  All you 
immunologists out there: prove me wrong and post a note to this thread!
I think these types of databases take time to get to a useful number of 
entries.  The transgenic database at U. Wisconsin is still new and I've found 
it really lacking.

J. Woodward
Univ. Kentucky

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